We are your caring and friendly dental team. Our aim is to make you feel positive about your dental health!

Whatclinic 2016 Award

At Ballarat Family Dental, our number one goal is to look after you. Before you have even set foot on our premises, we have your safety, well being and comfort in mind already. From ensuring that all of our rooms and equipment are sterilised and cleaned to Australian standards, to making sure that all of your doubts and queries are comforted- Our support staff members know you as well as the dentist does and we, as a team, want to welcome you to be a part of our family. So if you have any questions regarding your appointment coming up or if you have left our clinic with any further questions, we are always here to listen and to help explain things further to you.

Our Dentist

Dr. Becky Chen

Dr. Becky Chen has been well respected and highly recommended by Ballarat locals. She graduated from the University of Melbourne in 2008 and has been working in Ballarat since 2011. Dr Becky is skilled at using gentle techniques and modern dental technologies to help give accurate diagnosis and effective dental treatment.

Dr. Becky is passionate about preventative and conservative dentistry. She strongly believes in high quality comprehensive dental care and working closely with individuals to achieve their personal dental goal. Although she enjoys all aspects of dentistry, Dr Becky is particularly interested in working with children and their families, and is accredited in the use of relative sedation. She is also accredited to treat patients under general anaesthesia at the Day Procedure. Her approachable and friendly nature helps relax anxious and young patients.

Dr. Becky is a dedicated dentist who believes in modern practicing principles, high quality patient care and service. To achieve this, she is constantly seeking opportunities to further and challenge herself in all aspects of dentistry through continuous professional development courses.

Apart from working as a dentist, Dr Becky is also an active member of the Australian Dental Association. She is also a mother of a toddler and wife to a web developer. In her spare time, she catches up with friends and spending quality time with her family.

Dr. Ann Phan

Dr. Ann Phan holds a Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from The University of Melbourne as well as a Bachelor of Pharmacy degree from LaTrobe University. She grew up in Melbourne, but wanted to move to a closer knit town and is committed to making positive contributions as a member of the Ballarat community.

Her experience as a clinical pharmacist has helped her to develop effective communication, and working with patients of complex medical health issues. She understands that many people feel anxious and sometimes guilty about neglecting their oral health but she hopes to create a safe, caring and understanding partnership with her patients and the entire family. She finds fostering positive patient attitudes toward caring for their own oral health to be most rewarding.

She prides herself on giving patients the confidence to smile and patients like her gentle touch and how she implements a tell-show-do style of practice. Dr Ann enjoys the variety of dental treatments but has special interest in restorative, prosthodontic dentistry and working with children and their parents.

Outside of dentistry, she enjoys golfing, boxing, snowboarding and spending quality time with her friends and family.